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Welcome San Mateo Region 36 Referees

Volunteer referees are needed to officiate at every AYSO game, so we need your help! You'll be trained and provided the necessary equipment (e.g., uniform, flags, whistle, etc.). Without trained referees, the kids can't play!


U6/U8 Updates, as of September 9, 2016

  1. All U6/U8 Referees must wear the gold 2016 U6/U8 Referee T-shirt to officiate U6/U8 matches.
  2. We have one more U6/U8 Referee Training class on Wednesday, September 14. See our U6-U8 Referee Flyer.
  3. Returning U6/U8 Referees who have submitted their 2016 volunteer application and taken Safe Haven in 2015 or 2016 may pick up their 2016 U6/U8 Referee T-shirt at the Sept 14 U6/U8 Referee Training class.


U10-U12 Update, as of September 7, 2016

  1. For those referees officiating in U10 and U12, review the 2016 Referee Guidance for U10-U12 Matches.


Volunteering for U6/U8 Matches

U6 and U8 referees officiate their own team's matches.

Refer to our:

  1. U6 Referee Cheatsheet
  2. U8 Referee Cheatsheet
  3. 2016 U6-U8 Referee Training Presentation


Volunteering for U10/U12/U14 Matches

U10, U12, and U14 referees use the AYSO San Mateo Referee System ( to volunteer for one or more matches.

Refer to our:

  1. Referee System Tutorial
  2. Referee Frequently Asked Questions
  3. Guidance for U10 and U12 Matches


Referee Resources

Below is a list of resources that have been helpful to our referees.
  1. AYSO San Mateo Referee Procedures: what do you do with those game cards?
  2. IFAB Laws of the Game, 2016-2017 (English)
  3. IFAB Summary of 2016-2017 LOTG Changes
  4. AYSO Positioning for Free Kicks and Restarts - 2015 (PowerPoint)
  5. AYSO Guidance for Referees, Coaches, Other Volunteers, and Parents - 2015 (PDF)
  6. AYSO Manual for Youth Referees - 2015 (PDF)
  7. USSF Guide to Procedures - 2012 (PDF)
  8. USSF Resource Center Downloads: access to Books and Videos on Laws of the Game, Fitness, Advice to New Referees, and Procedures (select the "Download Files" hyperlink and then Instruction Resources folder)
  9. USSF YouTube Channel: USSF provides videos explaining the Laws of the Game
  10. A score pad to keep track of KFTM


Becoming a Volunteer Referee

Each U6 and U8 game needs two trained and certified volunteer referees (one from each team) on the field. The two referees monitor the game to make sure the kids are safe and have fun. To be trained and certified, the volunteer referee must complete:

  1. An e-signed Volunteer Registration Form every year through
  2. "Safe Haven" training at least once every two years through
  3. U6-U8 Referee training. See our 2016 U6-U8 Referee Flyer.

Each U10, U12, and U14 game requires a trained and certified three person referee team on the field, consisting of a referee and two assistant referees. Each team must provide two volunteers who will serve as assistant referees or the referee (Regional Referee or higher). To be trained and certified, the volunteer referee must complete:

  1. An e-signed Volunteer Registration Form every year through
  2. "Safe Haven" training at least once every two years through
  3. Concussion Awareness training (one-time) through (strongly encouraged).
  4. Referee certification for the age level.
    1. For U10/U12 assistant referees and U10 referees, Assistant Referee or Basic (Regional) Referee certification, respectively, is required.
    2. For U12 referees and U14 assistant referees, Regional Referee with appropriate experience or Intermediate Referee certification is required.
    3. Assistant and Regional Referee training is now scheduled. See our 2016 Referee Flyer.

You can learn more about how to sign up to be an AYSO Referee with our Referee Signup Tutorial.


Referee Coordinators

If you have a referee question regarding a particular division, contact the coordinator below.

Division Referee Coordinator
U6 and U8 Open
U10 William Wong
U12 Stefan Klindworth
U14 Brian Coffman
U16/U19 William Wong and Brian Coffman  More Information for Area 2N.


Reporting Game Problems or Misconduct

Kids Zone Feedback is used to document any game problems or incidents of misconduct.  This report must be filed by the referee for any game with sportsmanship point deductions.

Incidents in the Under 16 and Under 19 leagues use the 24 Hour Report which goes to the Area 2N staff.

Sportsmanship Program


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